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Industrial Rail Services

Get the most from your industrial rail yard with safe, reliable & efficient contract rail services.

An Industry Leader in Rail Services

Railserve is the leading provider of on-site rail services in North America. We use our own locomotives and employees to safely move railcars within industrial, manufacturing and production plants. But we’re not just switchers, we also provide a number of other services which include: in-plant logistics, locomotive service, track maintenance, locomotive sales & leasing, air brakes, and more.

Safety is Our First Priority

Our customers benefit from heightened safety, increased efficiencies, and reduced costs. Railserve crews work over 2.5 million hours annually with safety rates well below the OSHA average and we can do the same for you. Go to our Safety page to learn about our safety measures and how they benefit your company.

Railserve is a Leader in Contract Rail Services

Switching and Logistics Operations Across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico

We operate over 70 facilities in North America.

Railserve handles in-plant railcar switching for some of North America’s largest and most recognized companies. In fact, when it comes to contract rail services, we have a great track record spanning over 35 years. Not only is Railserve North America’s leading authority, but we originated the third-party switching concept in 1981 (as Rail Switching Services).

Find out how Railserve can help with your on-site railroad needs, contact us today.

Railserve is Rolling Out a New Logo!

Railserve is modern, strong, and dependable. Railserve is a team player. Our trained specialists are equipped to keep industry humming. We are dedicated to safety, efficiency and the innovative use of modern technology. This new logo symbolizes our ongoing commitment to these core principles.

You will soon begin to see the new logo on correspondence, equipment, uniforms, and more. Please expect to see both logos in use during this transition period.

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