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Locomotive Air Brakes

Sales, Repair & Return or Unit Exchange

Railserve Air Brake Services is your one stop for all of your locomotive air brake needs. Our experienced technicians provide prompt service and reliable parts to all levels of the rail industry.

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Air brake parts: #8 Vent Valve, 26-C Brake Valve, SA-26-IND Brake Valve, P-2-A Brake Valve.

Railserve Air Brake Services provides the following:

  • In shop repair of locomotive brake valves and components
  • repair and return (R&R)
  • unit exchange (UTEX)
  • outright sale
  • Air brake system upgrades from older systems to 26-L or 26-NL
  • Air brake maintenance and repair along with troubleshooting
  • FRA Inspections on locomotive air brake systems
  • Sell all parts for your brake cylinder rebuild and filters and gaskets required for FRA inspections

We look forward to being able to help with all of your locomotive air brake needs. Price Lists for brake valves and components as well as field services rates are available upon request.

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Locomotive Brake system parts: J-1 6.16 Relay Valve, A-1 Pilot Valve, 26-FQR Valve, 26-F Ctrl Svc Portion.

Experience and a reputation you can trust.

We want to be your locomotive air brake parts supplier. Railserve is a company of integrity. We are open and honest in our abilities and actions at all levels. We work hard to earn your trust by providing you with quality parts, top-notch service and all at a great value. To learn more, please contact us today.

Depend on Railserve

Railserve is the largest provider of in-plant switching and associated services with 70+ operations, 1,000+ employees, and over 30 years of experience. We believe that we are judged by the company we keep. For Railserve, that "company" includes 15 customers in the Fortune 500, 4 of the top privately owned companies, and 6 top internationally owned companies.

Our parent company is a member of the $7.0B Marmon Group (a Berkshire Hathaway company) which provides the financial support to invest in our customers' growth. We are stable because we are well managed and we are well managed because we have dedicated and qualified people and proven processes.

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