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Railserve provides contract railroad services for industry. We work on-site to provide efficient, safe, and cost-effective solutions for moving bulk materials through production phases. Our core multimodal services include Industrial Railroad Switching, Material Handling & Logistics, Transloading, and Car Storage. We also support our core with rail services such as track construction, maintenance, and repair; locomotive and railcar maintenance & repair; and other related services. Please keep reading to learn more about Railserve.

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ADM Names Railserve as a 2020 Supplier Award Winner

Railserve, Inc. has been named a 2020 Supplier Award winner by ADM (NYSE: ADM). During a virtual ceremony, ADM honored six companies based on superior performance and the ability to deliver exceptional value to ADM and its customers.

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Railserve's Public Statement on COVID-19, Update

Over the past month of the COVID-19 pandemic, Railserve, Inc., has safely continued to operate at our 80 customer locations. Railserve’s leadership team has shown strong guidance by taking the appropriate actions to ensure the health and safety of our employees and the customers we serve. During this difficult time, we are extremely proud of the commitment from our employees and the safe and reliable service they have continued to deliver.

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Railserve's Public Statement on COVID-19

Railserve, Inc., and our parent company Marmon Holdings, Inc., continue to closely monitor the latest updates and information across the globe related to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are continuously assessing the situation and the potential impact on our employees and their families, our customers, the communities in which we operate, and our business.

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The new Railserve Logo

Railserve is Rolling Out a New Logo!

Railserve is modern, strong, and dependable. Railserve is a team player. Our trained specialists are equipped to keep industry humming. We are dedicated to safety, efficiency and the innovative use of modern technology. This new logo symbolizes our ongoing commitment to these core principles.

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Railserve and Pembina Logistics team up to win CN Safety Award.

When the CN Safe Handling Awards of 2015 were announced by the transportation carrier, CN, Pembina Resource Services was among the winners. Railserve is an important member of the Pembina team at this Redwater operation, providing loading services and third-party switching.

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