Rail Switching Services

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Industrial Rail Switching Services

Railcar Switching from Railserve Helps Industry Improve Efficiency, Reduce Costs, and Increase Safety.

Railserve is the largest, most experienced contract rail services company in the industry with over 80 operations in the US,  Canada, and Mexico. We use our own locomotives and employees to provide a turn-key service package to manage on-site industrial rail yards.

Photo of a railroad switch and rail switch operator
A railroad switch operator working inside the rail yard of a chemical plant

Customize Your Rail Services to Fit Your Specific Needs.

  • Locomotives & Material Handling Equipment
  • Trained Personnel
  • Administration / Supervision
  • Insurance
  • Proven Safety Methods
  • Special Safety Technology
  • Reporting & Analysis
  • Yard Tracker Software to Manage Plant Inventory
  • GPS & Camera Technology for Locomotives

Reduces Cost

  • Decreases or eliminates switching, weighing, and demurrage charges
  • Improves railcar fleet utilization due to decreased cycle time
  • Reduces rail switching crew time, equipment, and fuel expenses
  • Switching allowance to shipper is usually less than a typical railroad’s out-of-pocket switching cost

Increases Plant Efficiency & Capacity

  • Cars are delivered and pulled in blocks
  • Increased carload volume
  • Improves use of track space
  • Greater awareness of plant track conditions from contractor observations and reporting

Improve Your Supply Chain Logistics

Improve your supply chain logistics with a customized plan from Railserve. The shipper determines start and end times, staffing levels, shift times, and more — not according to a “railroad schedule”.

Experienced Contract Rail Services

Railserve has a great track record spanning over 40 years. Not only is Railserve North America’s leading authority, but we originated the third-party switching concept in 1981 (as Rail Switching Services). We work nearly 2.5 million man-hours and handle 4.7 million carloads annually and have an outstanding safety record with rates well below the OSHA average.

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Learn More About Our Safety Technology

At Railserve, safety is not just a program, it’s a core value. Learn more about our Safety & Technology