React safety device

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Stop a Train with Quick Reaction Time

We don't just move cars efficiently, we stop them efficiently too.

REAct (Railserve Emergency ACTion) is a patented safety device utilized at all Railserve operations. It is designed to enable employees to stop the train without communication to the locomotive operator when a hazard is recognized. The REAct can provide life saving seconds in the event that a vehicle encroaches our train at a grade crossing, loss of radio contact, or a close clearance suddenly appears.

Photo of the React Device with safety apparrel in the background.
The patented React device is worn on the vest of each Railserve Switching team member.


Emergency brake application is achieved when the crew member activates the emergency stop button on the REAct Transmitter Remote that is worn on his reflective safety vest. At this time a signal is sent to the locomotive to bring the train to an emergency stop. The emergency application cannot be reset until the crew member pushes the button sending another signal indicating that the hazard has been resolved.

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